Within the interplay of nature and sensuality is where Anne’s poetry soars. This collection, while steeped in the Southern tradition, is also about soulful transcendence.
— Tembi Locke, Author of New york times bestseller, From scratch, a Reese Witherspoon Hello sunshine book club pick


Anne Poarch’s Flight - keenly observed and deeply felt, a book of looking and longing - is an ardent meditation on the world’s natural beauty and our human place within it.
— Carrie Brown, Virginia Novelist and Award-winning author of The Rope Walk, Rose's Garden, and her latest The Stargazer's Sister
Reading Anne Poarch’s Flight makes me want to take a long walk in the woods. Not later, but right now. While the butterflies are flying, which they do with grace throughout this tender book.
— Phyllis Theroux, author of The Journal Keeper and Giovanni’s Light
Anne Poarch’s lyrical appreciation of nature, winged and otherwise, charms and inspires, while her meditations encourage us to slow down, look closer and love deeper. Read it a poem at a time or all at once, and you will surely, like me, step a little lighter.
— Dean King, nationally best-selling author of Skeletons on the Sahara and The Feud
In her visually stunning, jewel-like poetry, Anne Poarch creates refreshing moments of solitude and appreciation for both the natural world around us, and for the personal relationships that sustain us. Her lush cadence is infused with images of the Virginia landscape, and the Southern backgrounds of her life and experience. In my mind’s eye, I can see Thomas Jefferson reading Anne’s poetry with a smile on his face.
— Heath Hardage Lee, author of Winnie Davis, Daughter of the Lost Cause and the upcoming The Reluctant Sorority
Anne Poarch is a brave writer who is deeply committed to exploring the world through her poetry. Her acutely personal verses are both touching and inspiring.
— Ellen Firsching Brown, co-author of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind: A Bestseller’s Odyssey from Atlanta to Hollywood
Reading Anne Poarch’s poetry is like opening an unexpected gift, hopeful, and deeply real. She beautifully takes you on a journey of the spirit. It made me want to have the same experiences. Like her poem, ‘Winter Robin’, you might think it is just a lovely poem about a robin, but it is so much more...
— Mary Kathryn Holden Woodward, Virginia artist