Flight:  of butterflies and robins and other winged dreams, my debut book of poetry, was released today.  Humble thanks to the staff at Brandylane Publishers and Belle Isle Books for all the work that goes into bringing a work to publication.  You are each talented, patient, and truly a joy.  Robert Pruett, I feel like I've discovered a kindred spirit!  And my brother Sander Gibson, your drawings mean so much to me, I cannot wait for others to feel their tug.

This book of poetry did not just happen overnight.  The period from submission to hearing from Brandylane I might have something worth the inking was at least a year.  But the writing spanned much longer.  I started writing regularly close to ten years ago, when I began keeping a pocket sized journal by my side. Eventually these musings would find their way into some of the poems you find in FLIGHT. Before I purchased my first smartphone I bought an iPad for the express purpose of transcribing my journal writings and poetry scribblings into something less evanescent than the pen.   I would look for solitary moments to begin this process, often outside by the James River canal downtown, or in our little neighborhood park just beside historic Virginia House.  These were golden times where I could reveal my truest self to the page, or screen. It felt secretive and very personal, and it was wonderful.  Days I cherish, like the downy soft head of a three year old cradling his head to my chest.  It would be quite a while before I shared a single poem.  When I did, I recall feeling very exposed and open.  After time, and encouragement, when I'd released a few more into the care of good friends, I was told they were beautiful, meaningful, and could mean so much to others.  That they could evoke feeling in another somehow made the difference in my being able to share them.  Thank you for being interested.  I hope you find a sliver of light shining through the pages, a mirror to your own bright light. Whether you shine it everyday or keep it hidden, it's there.  So strange, this promotion of such a personal book, that has me journaling to you, and posting on social media channels to spread the word.  It's exciting, but it's scary, and I feel myself longing for a few more golden moments of yesterday to fortify me for the next turn of the page.  

Anne Poarch • Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anne Poarch