Introducing Anne’s newest book of poetry, The Grit and Joy of Being


The Grit and Joy of Being

Available October 3 - Preorder NOW

Anne’s second book of poetry digs a little deeper into the well of grief, of longing, of loss, and finds triumph in letting go, letting in a little grit, and finding JOY. Preorder your copy now.

Published October 3, 2019 by Belle Isle Books • Order Now

Anne’s First Book

Flight: of butterflies and robins and other winged dreams

Flight:  of butterflies and robins and other winged dreams is a very personal collection of forty-eight poems.  This thoughtful work chronicles the voice of a maturing young woman as she reawakens her heart and soul to the beauty of God’s natural world.  She uncovers love, grief, self-awareness and a happiness for which she is utterly unprepared. Bridging an out-of-doors childhood and the death of her father at age eleven to a motherhood in which she longs to share all of nature with her young sons, the pages will surprise you and inspire you.  To open these poems is to take a walk through the seasons, to pause and reflect on the intersection of the spiritual and physical, the love of parent and child.  Beginning with Spring, Flight invites the reader through Summer, Autumn, Winter and Back to Spring Again.  Words are arranged, not by academic instruction, but by feeling and emotion.  Poems are shared with a voice of appreciation and awe, all the while wondering if the ephemeral dreams of love, joy, and beauty can be sustained.  Or is that the lesson the young woman learns from her butterfly?  None of us need try and hold beauty, because we, each of us, carry her within. “Like the yellow butterfly...I know I’ve held its silky sheen in my heart, known the happy color, in my soul”, from the poem “All Yellow”.  

Published April 25, 2017 by Belle Isle Books • Order Now